The Tecumseh Ice Sculpture Festival is a winter wonderland event that takes place in the charming town of Tecumseh, Michigan. Every year, this festival transforms the streets into a stunning display of frozen masterpieces, showcasing the creativity and skill of talented ice sculptors from across the region.

The art of ice carving traces its roots back centuries ago when communities in colder climates would gather during winter to celebrate and showcase their skills in sculpting ice. These gatherings evolved into what we now know as ice sculpture festivals, where artists come together to create breathtaking frozen sculptures for all to admire. 15 years ago, the City of Tecumseh decided to start its own ice sculpture festival, bringing this timeless tradition to their corner of the world. The festival quickly gained popularity and has since become a beloved annual event, attracting visitors from near and far.

While the 40+ ice sculptures themselves are a sight to behold, the Tecumseh Ice Sculpture Festival offers more than just visual delights. Throughout the festival, visitors can witness live ice carving demonstrations. The Michigan Avian Experience will be on site with their majestic eagle. The city also offers a Scavenger Hunt through the downtown area for a chance to win a gift card packet. The Chocolate/Beverage Walk through the downtown businesses is a free activity that the whole family will enjoy. Ice sculpture competitions are also held during the festival, where skill and speed of professional ice carvers go head-to-head in creating figures.

If you find yourself craving a unique winter adventure, make your way to the Tecumseh Ice Sculpture Festival, January 20-21, 2024!