Whiskey Trail


March 27th, 2023 thru April 30th, 2023


Experience the Whiskey Trail in Lenawee County by visiting any of our participating partners and requesting a Whiskey Trail passport. Once you have your passport, embark on a journey to each partner and indulge in their unique “Taste of Lenawee” cocktail. Take your time and enjoy the trail at your leisure, using your passport to take notes and keep track of your progress.

After savoring each delicious cocktail, simply ask your waitstaff to stamp the collection page of your passport. Once you have collected all the stamps, it's time to vote for your favorite partner by circling their name and filling out your name and email address. Tear out and leave your completed stamped page with your waitstaff to be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a $50.00 Visa Gift Card. The passport is yours to keep.

Winners will be selected and contacted during the first week of May 2023. Remember, only one entry per person is allowed.

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to explore the Whiskey Trail in Lenawee County and discover the unique flavors of our participating partners. Get your passport today and start your journey!



Enjoy Responsibly

Please enjoy the Lenawee Whiskey Trail responsibly. This trail was designed to last 5-weeks to make sure our participants can enjoy responsibly and at their leisure.

Whiskey Trail Cocktail Offerings


Club 223

The Whiskey Mash

The Whiskey Mash features Mammoth Taste of Lenawee Whiskey, freshly squeezed lemon juice, simple syrup, fresh mint leaves, topped with club soda, a mint stem and lemon slice garnish.


The Station

Angel 46

Angel 46 is derived from Lenawee County being the 46th district in the state of Michigan and Angel Number 46 represents creativity, harmony, balance, and abundance. The drink features Mammoth Taste of Lenawee Whiskey, muddled lemon, orange bitters, honey syrup, and organic blackberry jam.


Mammoth Distilling

Lenawee Old Fashioned

The Lenawee old-fashioned riff features Mammoth Taste of Lenawee Whiskey, a homemade almond/vanilla syrup, homemade cherry bounce bitters, smoked with cherrywood and garnished with Mammoth Distilling cocktail cherries and orange zest.



Lenawee Sour

The Lenawee Sour features Mammoth Distilling Taste of Lenawee Whiskey, house made simple syrup, fresh lemon juice, served on the rocks with a red wine float.


Chaloner’s Cigar House

Infinity and Beyond Rosemary

The infinity and beyond rosemary features Mammoth Distilling Taste of Lenawee Whiskey, fresh lemon, house rosemary simple, local maple, havana and hide bitters, smoked with a rosemary sprig.