Marketing and Events Grant Request

The mission of Visit Lenawee is to promote Lenawee County as a destination providing contemporary amenities to transient guests in a historical and cultural setting for the economic benefit of the community. When tourism and quality of life is thriving, local businesses are also successful. Love Lenawee and want to help us in our mission to drive visitors here?

What is this program?
Visit Lenawee is offering Lenawee County non-profit groups and others an opportunity to apply for a mini-grant event / marketing sponsorship. The purpose of the program is to assist in the growth and sustainability of current and new events that attract visitors to our destination thus providing economic impact throughout Lenawee County.

Who is eligible?
Non-profit organizations and others within Lenawee County that organize a community event – this opportunity is open to the events/festivals that encourage visitors.

What application information is required?
Please fill out and submit the attached application or contact Justin Gifford if you should have questions. Once your request has been reviewed by the Executive Director and or the Visit Lenawee executive board, if accepted you will be required to sign and submit an agreement. For the event year in the request, a meeting or conference call with Justin Gifford may be required for processing.


All approved grant recipients will be offered the opportunity for various marketing support depending on the size and scope of the event. High resolution photos and/or appropriate information must be supplied by the grant recipient. Marketing support may include press release distribution, poster distribution, digital promotional support through social media platforms, as well as a limited amount of postage for mailings through our office.

The applications will be accepted beginning as of the 1st of each calendar year on a first-come, first-serve basis. Sponsorship fund availability is based on the Visit Lenawee’s yearly budgeted allocation for this purpose. Once the fund is depleted, there will be no more sponsorships for that fiscal year.

If you are interested in becoming a partner you can fill out the form below to get started.