What To Buy For Your Favorite Outdoor Enthusiast

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It can be difficult to figure out what to buy for the people we love, even if we know them inside and out. In the era of technology--when just about anything we want is available at our fingertips--it’s hard to think of a unique gift or find something that your recipient will get some use out of.

If your loved one enjoys spending time outside, however, there are plenty of great gift ideas for any occasion. Whether they’re hikers, campers, or just enjoy working out in the fresh air, you can find a ton of gifts online no matter what your budget is. The key is to focus not only on what your friend or family member enjoys, but where they enjoy doing it and who they’re with. For instance, if they spend a lot of time outside with their dog, you might seek out the perfect gift to keep a pet safe on a hike.

Here are a few tips on what to buy for your loved one who loves being outside.

For the dogs

For many pet owners, their animal is like another family member. Outdoor enthusiasts may take their dogs camping or hiking, and while those are fun activities, they can also be dangerous, especially for a smaller dog. Think of some items that might help keep a pet safe during an outdoor trip, such as a lighted collar, a fireproof pet bed, or a comfortable pack that can be worn on a dog’s back and hold treats, extra water, and other necessities. This article will help you narrow down your choices and decide what to buy.

Think tools

Anyone who loves to spend time outside will get some use out of a multi-tool, which will allow them to remain independent while in the wilderness. Other useful tools include a propane stove--perfect for making breakfast or dinner for two--and a set of cookware that will withstand the elements. Check out this list of potential gifts that are great for campers.

Don’t forget the fun

A good gift doesn’t have to only be functional; it can also be fun, and that’s the name of the game when you’re buying for someone who loves to spend time outside. For those who enjoy taking camping trips or just hanging out with family at the park on a sunny day, consider a durable set of Bocce balls or a hammock that can be strung up for a rest after a long hike.

Help with hydration

Spending a lot of time outdoors can mean being under the hot sun and exposed to the elements quite a bit, which can be dangerous in several ways. Staying hydrated is one of the most important things to remember when you’re outside, so help your loved one out with an insulated tumbler that can take a beating or a portable water filter that will allow them to create clean drinking water no matter where they are.

Get fit

Many outdoor enthusiasts are health-conscious, so one great gift idea is a bracelet that keeps track of their heart rate, sleep patterns, and other vitals. When paired with an app, these bracelets allow the wearer to keep an eye on the things they can’t see with the naked eye.

No matter what the occasion, there are plenty of gifts out there for the people you care about. Think outside the box to find the best fit for your loved ones, no matter what their interests are, and remember to integrate a little fun with function.


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