Rusted Root Marketplace


Rusted Root Marketplace

102 West Adrian Street
Blissfield, MI, USA

Our building dates to 1875. It's been a hotel, tavern, restaurant, dance hall, and retail shop. It was also a favorite spot of the fishermen who pulled their livelihood - and their dinners - from the adjacent River Raisin. And it used to be taller, but fire claimed the top two stories long ago.

Today, just as it's been for nearly 150 years, it's a gathering place; a unique and iconic building at the center of a busy little town, known as much for its surrounding farms and the train that runs through its center.

When we bought this building, we thought it would be a monthly market, open just a dozen weekends each year. But, as we started the renovation process, we began to hear from so many people who had a history with these brick walls and wooden floors. They shared their memories of their time here, told us what it used to be and what it meant to them.

That's when we realized that we needed to commit to this building. It couldn't be just an occasional project. We had to bring it back to its full-time life - for this community and for the people to whom it still means so much.

It's been a tremendous amount of work. It's been a huge investment. And it may even be a little crazy. But we feel completely blessed to be the caretakers of this very special place. It's more than an antique store or a business to us. It's an extension of our homeplace - a roost, if you will; a worn and warm, faithful, rusted roost.

And we'd like to share it with you.

Candy & Stephen Rothfuss

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