Phoenix Rising


Phoenix Rising

101 W Maumee St,
Adrian, MI 49221
(517) 759-4018

Phoenix Rising is dedicated to the concept that wellness is a combination of a sound body, a quiet mind and a delighted spirit. We support and guide our patients with time-tested Acupuncture, Massage, Cupping, Acutonics, herbal oils and Chinese Herbal medicine.

The Phoenix is a mythological bird that burns to ashes at its death and then is rebirthed from those same ashes. The image of the Phoenix guides us to a rebirth in our health, especially if we are willing to let go of our past harmful practices, thoughts and emotions. Phoenix Rising: Adrian Wellness Center is here to assist patients in their own unique reformation and rejuvenation.

Located at 101 W. Maumee, in a 165-year-old historical building, at the heart of Downtown Adrian, our building resembles a Phoenix in the significant historical renovation and rejuvenation we are undertaking along with all of Downtown Adrian. It is one of our goals to be a major contributor to the restoration and urban redevelopment of Historic Downtown Adrian.

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